10 Smartest Characters In LOTR: Rings Of Power

power rings predates The Lord of the Rings by almost five thousand years, starting the historical period known as the Second Age. Although the world is relatively more peaceful after the destruction of Morgoth at the end of the First Age, a few people strongly believe that evil will once again spread its dark wings in Middle-earth.

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This prequel series incorporates several central characters from Tolkien’s encyclopedic mythos, including Elrond, Galadriel, and Sauron. Others don’t even exist in the original tale, but they’re just as captivating and memorable as their canonical counterparts. Apart from political power, the most outstanding figures in power rings are also the smartest.

10/10 Gil-galad is one of the first elves to recognize the fading light of the Eldar

As the grandson of Fingolfin, a legendary elf warrior and former High King of the Ñoldor, Gil-galad has a lot to do. He rules over the beautiful kingdom of Lindon, one of the few remaining safe spaces in Middle-earth. Gil-galad may seem like a pompous braggart in power ringsbut his Elvish philosophy has nothing to do with racial bigotry.

He is one of the first elves to recognize the fading “light of the Eldar”, which illustrates his incredible wisdom. Gil-galad’s decision to befriend the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm might be based on selfish motives, but he really wants to protect his people from extinction.

9/10 Roundir’s emotional intelligence is on par with characters like Samwise Gamgee

Roundir of Valariandë is a wood elf, trained in the art of archery from an early age. Like Legolas, his arrows almost always hit their mark, regardless of wind speed, precipitation, or any other extenuating circumstance. However, unlike his sylvan brethren, Arondir shows some compassion towards the humans of Tirharad.

Emotional intelligence is often distorted or minimized in fantasy stories, but Roundir’s boundless empathy is the greatest source of his strength. Additionally, he knows how to devise complex escape strategies without alerting his Orc captors, even when chained and outnumbered.

8/10 Celebrimbor’s Foresight Protects the Elven Kingdoms from Complete Ruin

Celebrimbor has yet to wow viewers, but book (and video game) fans are already aware of the monumental significance of this character. Although he wants to “grow beyond small jewelry jobs and design something real,” Celebrimbor lacks the manpower to realize his vision.

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He would eventually create Narya, Nenya and Vilya, the Elvish Rings of Power and the only magical artifacts in Middle-earth immune to Sauron’s dark influence. Celebrimbor’s foresight protects the Elven kingdoms from utter ruin when Sauron bends the kings of men and dwarves to his will.

7/10 Disa is considerably smarter than her husband Durin, a fact he admires and cherishes.

Disa becomes Princess of Khazad-dûm after marrying Crown Prince Durin, who plaintively insists that “she was a moon-eyed girl in love from the time [they] met.” Despite her husband’s claims to the contrary, Disa is considerably smarter than Durin, a fact he both admires and cherishes.

She uses her resonance skills to identify ores and mineral deposits in the mines of Khazad-dûm, a remarkably difficult technique to master. The character of Disa does not exist beyond the confines of the TV show – in fact, there is only one dwarf mentioned in Tolkien’s work.

6/10 Pharazôn’s true motives are anything but imperceptible, even to Galadriel

Pharazôn, or Ar-Pharazôn as he is called in the books, is the esteemed chancellor of Númenor. He ostensibly serves Queen Regent Míriel in power rings, but his true allegiances lie elsewhere. Pharazôn vengefully despises elven culture, slyly informing his disbelieving son that “elves [soon be taking] commands” from Númenor.

Pharazôn plays his cards extremely close to his chest, explaining why neither Galadriel nor Míriel are able to perceive his malevolent motives. Unfortunately for the unfortunate citizens of Númenor, Pharazôn’s actions will inevitably lead to the destruction of the island.

5/10 Bronwyn displays a combination of brave courage and common sense

Created only for power rings, Bronwyn is said to be descended from men who once served the Dark Lord Morgoth. Despite her ancestry, she endears herself to viewers with a combination of brave courage and common sense.

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Although Bronwyn protects the villagers of Tirharad from certain death, half of them desert the safety of Ostirith’s watchtower and declare their loyalty to Adar. This mass exodus of people would have shattered Bronwyn’s confidence if Arondir had not been there to boost morale, stating that “his people have worked a whole age to regain their virtue”.

4/10 Galadriel manages to soften Míriel’s tough political stance, but with some difficulty

Galadriel is widely considered to be one of the greatest elves in Middle-earth history. Born in Valinor during the Years of the Trees, she is at least 2,200 years old in power rings. Though ultimately recognized for her boundless wisdom, TV Galadriel is more like a warrior than a philosopher.

Nonetheless, she is unquestionably one of the smartest characters on the show. Galadriel’s hunt for Sauron proves to be a dead end, so she immediately focuses on Númenor. She softens Míriel’s hardline political stance by showing her irrefutable proof of the Dark Lord’s return.

3/10 Elendil impresses Galadriel with her knowledge of ancient history

Elendil will be remembered as the one who saved the survivors of Númenor from complete destruction, but that time is still a long way off. He can’t even control his recalcitrant son Isildur in power ringsforget leading an army of men and elves into Mordor.

Elendil quickly befriends Galadriel during her stay in Númenor, impressing her with her knowledge of ancient history and displaying a perfect command of the Elvish tongue. However, the problem is that Elendil doesn’t believe he has the strength to build a new empire in Middle-earth.

2/10 Halbrand is a hardcore survivalist who understands his own limitations

Halbrand’s story is shrouded in mystery. He claims to be from the Southlands but does not reveal his royal heritage until Galadriel deduces it herself. Halbrand understands his own limitations, explaining why he refuses to return home to his Orc-infested lands.

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On the other hand, Halbrand’s survivalist attitude proves he knows how to protect himself, no matter the cost. When Míriel begins to doubt her decision to visit Middle-earth, Halbrand manages to sway the mind of the Queen Regent (with help from Galadriel).

1/10 Elrond is the living, breathing history of Middle-earth itself

In The Fellowship of the Ring, Tolkien describes Elrond’s face as “ageless, neither old nor young, though there is written in it the memory of many things both happy and sorrowful”. Simply put, Elrond is the living, breathing history of Middle-earth itself.

Renowned for his foresight, the venerable Lord of Rivendell can supposedly perceive events unfolding across the continent as if watching them with his own eyes. Elrond’s healing abilities save Frodo from what would have been a mortal wound, demonstrating his acumen in both medicine and magic. He’s not quite there yet. power ringsbut it will be.

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