Can India counter the Taliban with the United Arab Emirates and Israel under the Abrahamic Accords?


With Israel, India has a strong relationship in the field of defense, including the joint manufacture of military equipment, as well as in fields such as science and technology, agriculture, irrigation, start-ups. ups, the cloud, robotics and many more. India and Israel have established one, which, for example, would benefit from the participation of the United Arab Emirates.

So there is a lot of potential for all three – India, Israel and the United Arab Emirates – in trade and economy, with India having a strong manufacturing base, Israeli technology and the United Arab Emirates l one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world. This would dovetail with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” program, which is seeking a boost given the economy ravaged by COVID-19.

This necessitated the search for defense and strategic partnerships for GCC countries elsewhere. Israel and India both represent such partnerships. The three countries – India, Israel and the United Arab Emirates – face many similar defense and security challenges, such as cross-border threats and long coastlines. All three are strategically located. Israel’s border defense systems and drone technology remain among the best in the world. By indigenizing its defense production, India has embarked on a long-range Barak 8 surface-to-air missile system. trilateral defense.

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