Longtime fans keep saying the same thing about modern South Park

No matter what critics say, some “South Park” fans continue to see virtue in the show because, for all its flaws, at least its writers still try to satirically comment on the world around them. Other comments from the same Reddit thread pitted Stone and Parker’s willingness to keep pushing the envelope against the apparent complacency of his animated contemporaries. “IMO I think the show is more about creating quality content unlike the Simpsons, family man and American dad,” u/Galil_Alexandro wrote.

This is an important point. “South Park” has always stood out from its closest competitors. “The Simpsons” and the Seth MacFarlane projects mentioned by the redditor have always traded some sort of absurd, random comedy, and never really attempted to make a social impact beyond the cheap laughs provided by a deluge of Dadaist asides and non-gags in sequitur cut. “South Park” does more than that, and it always has. Although the show was at times weighed down by the idiosyncratic strain of libertarianism trumpeted by its creators, at least it maintained a clear point of view. With a few notable exceptions, most “South Park” episodes take aim at interesting aspects of the cultural moments in which they were born.

Given that our society looks no less ridiculous than it did 25 years ago, it seems likely that Matt and Trey will continue to find plenty of cultural gold to mine. This factor alone should keep “South Park” relevant for years to come, even if its best days are somewhat behind it. The fans, at least, are still here for it.

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