Shia Labeouf’s family, parents, father and mother as he converts his religion to Catholicism during the filming of Padre Pio

Shia LaBeouf sat down for a chat with Word on Fire founder Bishop Robert Barron ahead of the release of his new movie, Padre Pio, where they discussed his upbringing, conversion to Catholicism and more subjects, know his new religion and his father

The 36-year-old actor, who has experienced upheaval in his personal and professional life, is now awaiting the premiere of his new Italian-German biographical drama.

Shia candidly shared with Bishop Barron the profound adjustments he went through after beginning work on the new film.

The family, parents, father and mother of Shia Labeouf as he converts his religion to Catholicism during the filming of the film Padre Pio

Shia Labeou’s parents

Shia’s parents Shayna Saide and Jeffrey LaBeouf are her parents.

The actor revealed his father grew up in San Francisco and was trained as a commedia dell’arte clown in a 2018 interview with Esquire. He added that his father had previously written songs for the rock band The Doobie Brothers.

According to Esquire, Jeffrey also toured Vietnam three times, but after returning home he struggled with heroin addiction for many years, according to Esquire. In the same interview, Shia referred to her mother, Shayna, as “my everything.”

She was born and raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan before moving to California. She made money selling handbags, barrettes and other items at a trade show.

At Echo Park in Los Angeles, Shayna met Jeffrey, who was teaching karate at the time. Shia LaBeouf, which roughly translates to “thank goodness for the beef,” is the name the couple gave to their baby.

Her surname reflects the Cajun and Jewish religions of her father and mother, respectively. The family shared a house in an apartment across from Echo Park, but Shia’s parents divorced when he was just three years old.

“When they worked together to create, they really loved each other.” “S**t fell apart when they stopped producing,” he told the outlet.

What the Padre Pio star said in a new interview about his parents

The actor spoke for about 90 minutes on a variety of topics, including religion, his parents and the making of his movie Honey Boy. He described his mother as a “Jewish hippie” when discussing his mother’s Jewish faith in the interview.

He said: “She was not a practicing Jew, in the sense that she had tried to fill out and read the Old Testament, but she was of Jewish background. She loved art, loved being part of it, she loved rabbis and charisma.

He also explained how his relationship with his mother Shayna had been affected by some of the scandals that rocked his career. The actor said of the difficult time in his life: “My mother didn’t want anything to do with me. My mother was surprisingly ashamed. He admitted that he hadn’t spoken to his mother in a while and that at the time he was living in a parking lot.

The actor went on to explain how one day he picked up the phone and told her he loved her and was safe.

At the end of the interview, the actor mentioned his father, Jeffrey, and how he helped him get Bob Dylan’s song All I Really Want to Do for his upcoming movie Honey Boy. The film, which details Shia’s relationship with her father, was written by him.

The actor admits he lacked funds for a Neil Young song for the film. I contacted my dad after that, and he played me a Bob Dylan song. The End of the Line artist granted the actor’s request for the song and delivered it to him at no cost, the actor recalled.

During the filming of Paddy Pio, the actor embraced Catholicism.

While training for the role of Padre Pio, Shia discovered she was captivated by spirituality. He prepared for the role of Italian priest by residing in a monastery with Franciscan Capuchin friars.

The actor added in the interview when asked about his conversion to Catholicism, “I realize now that God was using my ego to lead me to him, guiding me away from materialistic aspirations. It was all happening simultaneously. . »

Shia went on to say that hearing about other people’s experiences gave him hope that he would eventually turn to God.

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