The Republican Jewish Coalition blew it up


I have a very good friend who is a conservative Republican. As such, for many years we avoided discussions about politics, preferring to stick to the areas of life that we hold dear in common.

This avoidance of politics ended on January 6, 2021. As the crowds marched on the United States Capitol, my friend called me. He was in tears.

– Jeffrey, he said. “Please accept my apologies for always supporting this man. “

This man, of course, was President Donald J. Trump.

My friend is still a conservative Republican. But, he completely rejected Trump.

I want you to keep this story in mind, while I tell you another story.

The Republican Jewish Coalition will hold its first live convention since the start of the pandemic. As you can imagine, they will host a variety of 2024 presidential candidates including Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Mike Pompeo, Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz and others. No surprises here.

There is another person who will be there – by video.

It would be Donald Trump.

Yes, that would be the same Donald Trump who recently remembered the imaginary good old days when the State of Israel – his words, now – “Literally owned congress”.

So let me get this right. The former president makes an anti-Semitic remark – although he meant it as a compliment – and the Republican Jewish Coalition is silent? More than that, they give him a pass, and invite him to address the convention?

And, yes: it would be the same Donald Trump who inspired hordes of barbarians (yes, I chose my words deliberately) to march on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. It was the worst threat to American democracy since civil war . He endangered and ended lives.

This is why I am telling you the story of my friend, asking my forgiveness for supporting Trump. He had more courage in one of his tears than the entire leadership of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

The RJC could have said, “Mr. President, in light of your recent comments on Israeli control of Congress, we cannot invite you to speak to us.

“Moreover, Mr. President, your actions of January 6, inspiring the hordes to attack the Capitol, have been a stain on this nation. Our loyalty to this nation and to basic decency supplants and even negates any respect we may have had for you. “

But, they didn’t say it.

I firmly believe in the two-party system. I have good friends and loyal loyalists who are Republicans. I don’t agree with their policy, but I don’t blame them for their affiliations, just as they don’t blame me for mine.

But, it’s up to you – the Republican Jewish Coalition.

If the nickname “Jew” means anything other than a simple ethnic marker, it does not mean standing aside in the face of a dangerous anti-Semitic remark from a president. This means not inviting a sulky passer-by POTUS, who spurred a group of aspirants to Kristallnacht, to speak at your convention.

I’m ashamed for you.

Maybe some of you are too. It is not too late to speak out and express yourself.

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